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Parents Centre are a not-for-profit organisation who supports parents with knowledge and skills to better prepare them for birthing and parenting. Timaru Parents Centre is one of 52 Parents Centres across the country.

We know that parenting is a huge life change because many of us have been on the same journey. Parents join for a coffee group or antenatal class and leave feeling rejuvenated, supported and understood.

Our programmes support and educate parents with children of various ages and stages of development.

Timaru Parents Centre is well known for the excellent quality of its childbirth education (antenatal) classes. Along with these classes, we also offer a wide range of parent education courses and workshops, support and social opportunities for families with children aged from birth to five years.



We are a voluntary organisation and highly value our members – without them we could not exist. We are always looking for new faces to help us keep this wonderful organisation running.

If you feel you have some time to spare each month to give back to the community then why not think about volunteering with us and meeting some wonderful people in the process. You only ever have to take on what you are comfortable with, some of our positions need commitments once a week, once a month or once every other month.

If you want more information or to have a chat please call Michaela at 0273900004, or email You can also connect with us via our Facebook page.

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